Beginning the Move

Hey guys. With my current computer, I’m gonna need some extra time to redo the CSS and move everything back over to All of the orders on this site will not be transfered over so if you still want your order you’ll have to re-order there. The expected time of re-opening is sometime this weekend. Hopefully by Saturday or Sunday.

Thanks. ~Sonic

The New Site…

Hello There  CP GFX Express Viewers! Most of you probably know me, but for those who don’t, I’m Wheelo. As Sonic said on the post on the old site, he is leading the brownies, and won’t be as active. He then appointed me as Head Of  The Site, and I am grateful of it. I hope to still see all the orders coming in, as they always did. We are also going to be hiring staff, so just talk to me on xat or apply ofr a job on the “Join” page. Remember, Club Penguin GFX Express is the best shop in all of CP Armies. We do it right, for free.

wheelo wp pic 2

Leaving Magic Drawz

     Hello, everyone. Unfortunately, working for someone else’s website is not exactly my “forte”. I feel that working for my own graphics shop would be more benificial. I will be moving to my previous graphics shop, GFX Express, and I plan to be starting it back up here in the next few months. 

     Furthermore, I wish everyone here at Magic Drawz the best of luck in the future and I hope that you continue to prosper. I’d like to thank a few people;

  • Bluex: Thank you for allowing me to work at your fine establishment, and even more importantly, thank you for being my friend :3
  •  Wheelo: *We need to talk on xat when you get the chance* But thanks for assisting MD while I was away ;D
  • All other active workers: You have helped us tremendously ;3

     Farwell, everyone. 


Workers Fired.

Simple as, you’re fired. You barely ever do orders, and you must do 3 orders per week, so, cya! These are the people:

  • Sapper
  • James18120
  • Shadow
  • Monkey
  • Matia/Qwerty

Maybe next time, don’t be so cocky.

wheelo wp pic 2


Order Away![Back and running]

Ok, so now that that the site has been updated, workers have been hired, and all comments cleared, you can now order away! Please note that if you’ve ordered within the last 2 days, you must order again and our staff will complete it. Order Away!

-Wheelo, GFX Express Head

Christmas Graphics Coming Soon! [Page Cleared]

   It’s that time of the year folks! Christmas is just a mere 25 (or 24 depending on where you live) days away and we will be working like crazy to get your orders completed. I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting orders completed due to the large mass of school work and basketball practice everyday of the week. Trust me, I will get all of the orders completed here soon and the backup on orders will be no more. I also ask that the remaining workers PLEASE start helping out. Thank you Y2J for being a big help, but I need the rest of the workers to contribute.

   On a different note, the pick up page has been cleared for the new month. If you didn’t ever pick up your order, don’t worry, you can still pick them up here, or you can go to the ‘Past Orders’ page to retrieve your graphics.

Happy Holidays!



Holiday Graphics Coming Soon!

Hey folks! It’s that time of year again and we will be making some new holiday themed graphics starting on Thanksgiving. If you would like to pre order some graphics, you will get them earlier than if you order on Thanksgiving. Here is where you can fill out the pre order form:

  1. What type of graphic (header, banner,custom penguin, ect)
  2. What are the main colors
  3. What are the dimensions?
  4. What font do you want?
  5. What color do you want for you text?
  6. Is there any theme you would like for your graphic? (stripes, halftone, grunge, ect)
  7. What do you want it to say?
  8. Any specific picture you would like?
  9. Can you give us a site link?

Also, we are still a little backed up on orders so if you have been waiting a while for your graphics, I apologize and I ask that you please be patient as we complete your graphics. Thank you and happy turkey day! :mrgreen: